Consumer news

Wow Air vraagt faillissement aan, ECC Nederland
The final curtain falls for Wow Air. Wow Air, the Iceland-based airline, today announced it will suspend all flights with immediate effect. The company has also applied for bankruptcy. The budget airline had been in a challenging financial situation for a while, and negotiations regarding a possible merger or acquisition were not successful. Was your Wow Air flight cancelled? Read this news article to see what you can expect.
Unsolicited shipments of Horsepowerplus, ECC Netherlands
The ECC is receiving questions and complaints regarding unsolicited shipments of the performance enhancement product Horsepowerplus, originating from Aliaz Cooperation in Estonia. Consumers indicate that they received parcels with invoices for which they did not conclude any purchase contract.
ECC Nederland lanceert nieuwe website, ECC Nederland
We are excited to announce the launch of the new website of the European Consumer Centre. Our goal with this new design is to create a user-friendly browsing experience. It has not only a fresh appearance, but also offers new tools and content for an even better online service.
Brexit: what does it mean to consumers? ECC Netherlands
The British were granted postponement until 12 April to agree to the withdrawal agreement. If they do, a postponement until 22 May is granted to give time for implementation of legislation. If the United Kingdom withdraws without a deal, the ties are severed without any clear agreements. Brexit has negative consequences, both for the ECC Network and for you as a consumer.
Misleading win-a-smartphone promotion, ECC Netherlands
There is currently a win-a-smartphone promotion active. Against payment of a few euros, you are promised the opportunity of winning an expensive iPhone or Samsung telephone. As soon as you accept the offer, it turns out there is a catch. An amount between € 50 and € 100 is charged to your credit card for a subscription. A misleading win promotion with expensive consequences.